Mumbai Traffic Police Drive

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I have been driving the same route for the last several years.

Several months ago, at the T-junction in Mankhurd (Mumbai, India) the traffic signal that points to right is hidden by a box structure (could not figure out what it was). I complained (can you believe it) to the traffic constable on duty on one of the days to work … obviously nothing really happened.


“You have crossed the zebra crossing, show me your licence and pay a fine of INR 100” said the traffic cop. I protested saying that the visibility of the signal was not there and inspite of my complaint earlier nothing has been done. So how can you fault me? While I protested nearly 10-12 more vehicles have been hauled for “Zebra line crossing”.

I am told it is a drive. Orders are from top to make sure no vehicle crosses the zebra lines when they wait for the signal to turn colors. And no doubt at the particular junction there are almost 10 cops. Two hundred  meters from this junction, most of the vehicles cross the zebra line and and wait for the signal to turn green. Not a single cop!

Sets me thinking. Why cops only at that junction? Does not require an Einstein to answer! Because only at that particular junction people can not see the signal because it is hidden behind a box and hence might make a mistake and they have their catch

And what does my protest do? Nothing really. “I do not have the time to listen to you, you can go and say this in the court” says the cop.

I did feel harassed and make it a point to tell the cop, but he does not have the time, he is busy fining the next common man like me for “purposely” parking on the zebra crossing waiting for the signal to turn.

Well is a result of this.

I guess I am not the only one and I am sure I will not be the only one.

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