Mumbai Traffic

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There is a traffic jam on a particular road and hence take an alternative route, now enjoy the music” is the general message on the FM radio in the car.

It set me thinking, I hear this almost everyday when I am driving in Mumbai, India and yet it is just treated like any other news … or may be not. It has sort of become “no news” because it does not contain anything that I already know. Probably the day there is no traffic noise will sort of become the news!

It is a pity that we (all) know it yet we are either unable to do anything (which I hope is not true) or probably think what can I do about it (reasonable to think this is true). Why is it that we are prepared to spend time in the traffic day in and day out and still not worry about it? Technology advancing, IQ of people increasing, everything seems to be progressing (economy?) and so is traffic!

There are several though processes. several of them blaming the government. Popular among them (a) Decrease the number of vehicle licences, (b) better public transport, (c) hike the price of petrol, … (z)  Allow only even number vehicles to run on even days etc. but we have seen none of this has taken shape. Obviously government does not see this because the people who can do something actually zoom on the road with the traffic constables making sure no other vehicle is on the road so that the Minister thinks the road is traffic less, in even in the peak hours!

But the traffic remain. Probably it is up to us to try to see how we can make Mumbai roads “traffic jam free”. How? There is no one magical solution I am sure.

Will Mumbai (you and me) put together some comments to see if this can be solved optimally 😉

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