A Toy from Coconut Tree

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The tak-tak toy made from parts of a coconut tree in its final avatar


How to make one?

  • While on a morning walk (in a coconut tree rich areas) you will find these small baby coconuts below the coconut trees.
  • Pick one of them and peel off the covering on the baby coconut. This exposes the soft part of the baby coconut.
  • Now pick up two broom dried sticks (made from the coconut leaf). Take a stick of 6″ and pierce one end into the coconut, then slowly bend the stick so as to make a “U” (English alphabet) so that the other end reaches the soft surface of the coconut.
  • Now you have a U stuck into the coconut.
  • Make three 1o” sticks from the remaining coconut sticks
  • Now inset one of the 10″ stick into the soft coconut just in between the U
  • We are almost ready.
  • Now insert the two 10″  sticks such that it passes from under the U on top of the middle stick and the again goes under the U (see the figure)

Video shows how it is used by kids to play.



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