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Mumbai Traffic Police Drive

I have been driving the same route for the last several years. Several months ago, at the T-junction in Mankhurd (Mumbai, India) the traffic signal that points to right is hidden by a box structure (could not figure out what it was). I complained (can you believe it) to the traffic constable on duty on […]

Using Google ASR

Update: Now Google ASR needs a key! Steps for generating Google Speech API key (Thanks to my colleague Chirag Patel) Assumed that you have a Google account (if you have a Gmail account – you can safely assume that you have a Google account! else create one.) Make sure you are a member of chromium-dev-discussion […]

Mumbai Traffic

“There is a traffic jam on a particular road and hence take an alternative route, now enjoy the music” is the general message on the FM radio in the car. It set me thinking, I hear this almost everyday when I am driving in Mumbai, India and yet it is just treated like any other […]

A Toy from Coconut Tree

  How to make one? While on a morning walk (in a coconut tree rich areas) you will find these small baby coconuts below the coconut trees. Pick one of them and peel off the covering on the baby coconut. This exposes the soft part of the baby coconut. Now pick up two broom dried […]



Will a caption make you a Vegetarian